Is it important to know Chinese culture?

NO – but it’s a good idea to work with people who do. My business partner on this area Inge Aagaard can help you both as an advisor and as an interpreter.


Inge AagaardTo learn about the basics of Chinese culture and where the culture will affect your business contact JUNGEs business partner; Inge Aagaard,

Inge holds an MA in Chinese and Intercultural Communication, and has lived and worked in China. Inge has extensive experience in cross-cultural training and consulting. For more than 10 years she has provided counseling and training on intercultural communication, Chinese cultural training, Danish cultural training, cultural awareness, expat coaching, cross-cultural teambuilding and global leadership and management. She has provided cultural training workshops to a large number of businesses and institutions.

Inge is an ICC Certified Coach and has extensive experience with coaching, competency development, and transition management and is also certificed in JTI (Jung Type Indicator)

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