Guanxi by JUNGE is a part of JUNGE and is established as a direct result of director Charlotte Junge’s extensive knowledge about China.

Charlotte has a unique networking background having a father who as one of the first Danish clothing companies who established production of garments in Hong Kong and China in the 60’ties. A very important factor in doing business with China is “guanxi” – meaning having the right relations/network. Charlotte has all her life learned about China, Chinese culture and guanxi through her father’s business and both her parents’ extensive travelling to China.

She visited Hong Kong and China for the first time in 1986 and was from the first day fascinated and attracted to the Chinese culture and guanxi approach.
After taking a bachelor in Foreign Trade in Denmark, she felt ready to start her real work in China. At first she had the responsibility for the production controlling in China for the family business and later she worked as a Project Manager helping a lot of Danish companies to enter the Chinese market. This was a success – especially because of her extensive knowledge about and understanding of Chinese “guanxi”.

After more than 6 years working extensively with China she went home to get more education and knowledge about the Human Resource area. She worked as consultant at Mercuri Urval and as a Human Resource Manager at Jyllands-Posten. Usind her knowledge about guanxi in a more Western/Danish context, she established her own 100% network based consultancy company JUNGE in 2003.
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JUNGE works within four main areas; Networking, Strategy, Career and Board work.

Charlotte Junge is the author of four books about practical networking; “NETVÆRK – vejen til målet”, “NETVÆRK – vejen til målet, version 2.0”, “The Networking Journey” (written in close co-operation with Aarhus University Alumni) and latest “NETVÆRK – sådan gør du”. All books are very much inspired by her guanxi knowledge from China.
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Charlotte now feels the urge to work with China again – using her knowledge and network to help Danish companies in doing business with China. This is the background for establishing Guanxi by JUNGE – a network who can help Danish companies if they want to do business with China.